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Since 2001 I study the programme of traffic and transport engineering at the Technical University of Dresden/Germany. The focus lies on systems in railway and public transportation. Here I am going to explain the subject and the different courses I have chosen.

The programme is divided into a basic programme of four semesters and a main programme of six semesters. Within the basic programme fundamental engineering skills such as mathematics and physics but also business are imparted. It finishes with the prediploma.

The main study finishes with a diploma degree what is level with a master degree. Instead of many international degrees the German diploma claims to be an adequate preparation for upcoming jobs, that is, one does not necessarily need to participate in a preliminary traineeship.

During studies I have written some reports what you are welcome to read at my projects .

The system is often divided into the subsystems infrastructure, vehicles, and operation. I have completed courses in all of those branches.